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Brand Review – Huggee’s Portuguese baby clothes

Gillian Parsons | Jun 05, 18

Huggee’s Portuguese baby clothes are not your average baby clothes, Huggee’s call their clothing ‘purewear’. It’s made with GOTS certified organic cotton in a factory that works to very high ethical standards. Huggee want their baby clothing to be as pure as it can be; pure in its materials and pure in its production process. But can they make them stylish too?

Elliott Mallows | Feb 21, 18
A Review of Noppies - Trendy Tiny Baby Clothes

Noppies Tiny Baby Clothes are trendy, comfortable and functional. Designed according to the trends of the season and characterised by cheerful colours, handy details and playful designs.

Noppies has an extensive unisex collection for the very smallest children. Designed in the most beautiful basic colours and made of rich materials. The functional designs offer extra convenience during the first weeks and the collection is designed both for boys and girls because of the neutral designs.

Elliott Mallows | Feb 01, 18
Albetta Baby Clothes and Toys - Our Review

We first met Albetta at a boutique baby clothing show near Birmingham, and we spent far too long cooing over their clothing and toys. We then went home with their product catalogue and spent even more time trying to decide which of their products to buy. If we had a bottomless money-pot we might have bought them all!

Elliott Mallows | Feb 12, 17
Noodoll, one of our favourite new brands

We were so excited to discover the Noodoll brand of toys. They fit into our range perfectly and tick all of the boxes for us: trendy, quirky, soft, and high quality. You can view the Noodoll toys here and read all about the brand here in our blog.



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