Letterbox Baby Gifts

Because new parents have enough to juggle, without trips to the Post Office!
Items nicely presented in a recyclable box that fits through most letterboxes (see video below)
Wrapped in soft white tissue.
No receipt or paperwork in the letterbox baby gift box, just a card with your message.
Free delivery for orders over £30

See an order being packed in a letterbox sized box

You can see that quite a lot can be nicely fitted into a letterboxable box!

But when choosing products, carefully consider what can realistically be packed into a box that fits through a letterbox (25mm deep).

This video is just 20 seconds.

Choose any products on our store that will likely fit in a letterbox baby gift.

A4 and A3 sized boxes are used, but both boxes are 25mm deep.

Want to order more or bigger items?
No problem, we can still post your gift, but we'll use a bigger box.
Asked Questions about letterbox baby gifts
How big is a letterbox baby gift box?
We have two letterbox suitable box sizes, one is A4 and one A5, and both are 25mm deep.
How will I know if products I choose will fit in a letterbox baby gift box?
The box is 25mm deep (A5 or A4 size), so please only choose products that should fit i.e. no toys, snowsuits, jackets, blankets, etc.

Only order a few items that should logically fit in the box i.e. 2 sleepsuits some socks, a hat and a chocolate bar will fit, but anything more is unlikely.

If you over-order, your baby gift will still be sent, but in a bigger box. You can always contact us to check!
What are the shipping options for a letterbox baby gift?
All shipping options are available for letterbox baby gifts. This includes Special Delivery for urgent letterbox baby gifts, as well as free delivery for orders over £30.

Can I add a card with message to my letterbox baby gift?
We have a wide range of new baby cards to choose from to include with your baby gift. Shop cards

Your message
Before you checkout - on the Cart page - you'll see a text box where you can type a personal message which we'll handwrite
 in your card. 
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