Premature Baby Clothes Boys

Our collection of premature baby clothes for boys are for baby boys between 1.5lb and 4lb (see individual item for size and fit). Most of our premature baby clothes are fairly neutral in colour and design, but we do have some dresses, pink and floral vests, tops and trousers that are very unlikely to be bought for a baby boy so we’ve filtered them out of this collection.

Our premature baby boy clothes are hand sewn in North America by companies that have many years experience specialising in clothes for the tiniest baby boys and girls.

Made from 100% cotton these clothes are suitable for a premature baby’s sensitive skin as they are soft and breathable. Most of the clothing is wrapover style so baby can be dressed around lines and tubes that they often need in the NICU. It also has no harsh seems and the fixings are Velcro so can be adjusted easily.

Our personal favourite clothes for a premature baby boy are the cactus print incubator vest and hat set, the slate blue top, trousers and hat combo, and the classic white and grey. Don’t forget scratch mittens too, these are pretty important for a prem baby and we have options for tiny boys and girls.

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