Scratch Mittens that stay on - we've finally found some that are proven!

Scratch mittens - or should we say anti-scratch mittens - are an essential item for lots of babies to stop them getting into mischief with their little fingers and nails that can get quite sharp and seem to grow again overnight no matter how often you trim them! But why is it that most scratch mittens spend more time on the floor or in the cot than on their hands!

Do these complaints about 'stay-on' baby scratch mittens look familiar?

If you've ever tried to find stay-on scratch mitts that actually 'stay on' you've probably found yourself on parenting forums seeing lots of other frustrated mums and dads asking:

Where can I find anti scratch mittens that stay on?
Why are they called 'stay-on' scratch mittens when they drop off all the time?
Where can I find anti scratch mittens that don't come off?
Can anyone help me find stay-on premature baby scratch mitts, they are all too big?

Finding stay-on scratch mittens for babies is the talk of many online forums, it's a real problem, especially when it comes to finding premature baby mittens. Not only can premature babies scratch themselves, they can also get into mischief pulling at cables and tubes that they're connected too, and they need to be kept warm too. Finding mittens that do the job is really important!

About Goumikids Mittens

Goumikids founders - two passionate mums - set out on a mission to develop anti-scratch mitts for premature babies and full-term babies that actually work, and they have managed it!

Selling hundreds of thousands of pairs in over 30 countries, with rave reviews! They have produced scratch mittens that are proven to stay on thanks to their unique design. This makes them ideal for babies that are constantly scratching their faces (most babies!) and they significantly reduce accidental extubation in the NICU too, so even more important for a premature baby. Goumi Mitts signature two-part closure system remains secure and adjusts to fit as baby grows. They really do stay on!

Brilliant Features

Goumikids anti-scratch mittens are brilliantly functional and beautifully designed

Stays on

Signature two-part closure system ensures scratch and germ protection and allows adjustable fit as baby grows.

Great materials

The 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton blend is breathable, naturally antimicrobial and environmentally sustainable, and machine washable.

Help Baby's Development

Reversible with a high contrast pattern; good for baby's eye and brain development

This video by Goumikids Founder (and mum) explains why these are a must-have

Here's the founder of Goumikids, producers of GoumiMITTS, explaining all about their stay-on anti scratch mitts for premature babies and newborn babies.

What do parents say?

Goumi Giving - purchasing these anti scratch mitts helps others too

Goumi Giving - purchasing these anti scratch mitts helps others too

Goumikids is a company that loves to give back and 10% of all profits and 100% of all goumigiving print profits go to their partners. So buying premature baby scratch mittens that stay on from them helps others as well as your baby.

Portland, USA - Goumi Mitts partner with SARC, Imagodei community and local police to increase awareness among high school students on human trafficking recruiting tactics and partnering with Imagodei community to provide welcome kits for new foster kids.

Mumbai, India - Goumi Mitts partner with India Partners to provide food, clothing, counseling, quality education & spiritual support for human trafficking victims & their children.

Cebu, Philippines -  Goumi Mitts partner with Solid Ground International to provide food, clothing, counseling, vocational training & spiritual support for rescued human trafficking victims.