The Little Mouse Family

Little Mouse is a small independent business founded by Gillian Parsons; formerly a Senior Neonatal Nurse. As well as understanding the needs of premature and tiny babies, Gill has a great eye for products and design and leads the business, but today Little Mouse is very much a team effort.

bullet-point Gill

Founder, and former Neonatal Specialist Nurse.

Gill is the brains and expert behind the business and the company came from her inspiration. As well as understanding the needs of premature babies and tiny babies, Gill has a great eye for products and design.

bullet-point Elliott

Little Mouse's Marketing Consultant.

Elliott provides marketing support to Little Mouse; from online marketing to PR.

bullet-point Yuvraj

Website Developer

If you like our website then it's Yuvraj who we mainly thank for that. What he can do with a computer fascinates us, and he's continually improving the shopping experience we offer.

bullet-point Our Designers

We work with several designers, who's name's we're not going to tell you I'm afraid! We spent soooo long finding designers that understood what we wanted (several couldn't) and we don't want to give this valuable secret away!

bullet-point Jim

Clothing Printer

Our screen printer has over 30 years experience of printing clothing for some of the most famous brands. He's local to us and provides a fantastic service, and we love seeing him turning our designs into final products.

bullet-point Laurence

Card and leaflet printer

We chose Laurence's company to print our gift cards and literature because we have worked with them in a different life, they are local to Little Mouse HQ, and provide a very high quality service. We really appreciate their efforts to come up with printed material that is as good as it can be.

bullet-point Manufacturers and suppliers

We've got to know many of our manufacturers and suppliers really well. Most are small independent brands with a similar ethos to us. So we see them as part of the Little Mouse Family too.

bullet-point Dexter

Our dog and the Office Mascot (we appreciate it should be a mouse really, but...)

Little Mouse's little dog, Dexter, is kept away from our products (for obvious reasons!), but he's often keeping someone's feet warm whilst sat in the office.

bullet-point Our customers

We feel blessed to be able to help just a little bit, to support families of tiny babies, and so many customers send us such lovely messages and reviews. And with people turning to social media to show off their gorgeous little babies wearing their Little Mouse outfit, we feel like our customers really are part of the extended Little Mouse family too.

bullet-point Premature baby charities

These charities do fantastic work and have helped provide inspiration to Little Mouse, and provide content for our Buyers Guide. We will donate a percentage of profits from the sale of our premature baby milestone cards to Tommy's.

bullet-point Bloggers

So many bloggers have supported Little Mouse and we're really pleased how they've helped spread the word. Some of them we've got to know quite well as we've provided help and guidance for them too, when they've been posting advice for expectant parents, and those who gave birth early. We're all aiming to help improve knowledge in this area and together are really making a difference.

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