So what size is 'Tiny Baby'

Unfortunately there isn't a simple answer

Frustratingly the answer to the question 'what size are tiny baby clothes?' is not simple. It depends on which manufacturer made the baby clothing and which retailer is selling tiny baby size clothes.

Unfortunately there isn't a common sizing policy amongst baby clothing companies and across countries. So we've seen clothes advertised as 'Tiny Baby' size in a variety of sizes: 3lb-5lb, 4lb-6lb, 4lb-7lb,  5lb-7lb, Up to 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, and 7lb, plus size 44 and 38 (European baby clothing sizing measurement in CM).

What about the Tiny Baby size clothes we sell?

Finding premature and tiny baby clothing in the UK is so difficult that we source most of our clothes from Canada, USA, Western Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

But each brand names their items differently: Premature Baby, Early Baby or Tiny Baby size, or use the European sizing which is the length of baby in centimeters. And one item labelled 'Premature' can be the same size as another brand's 'Tiny Baby' size or another manufacturer's size 38 or size 44. What's more, we've found clothes labelled as Premature that are bigger than a Tiny Baby sized item and Tiny Baby clothing that is closer to Newborn size.

Here's our Tiny Baby size clothes


Sometimes we ignore what's on the sizing label to make it easier for you!

Our Tiny Baby size clothing collection is for babies in the 4lb-8lb size category (our Early Baby collection is 3lb-5lb and Premature Baby collection is 1lb-3lb). Most of it will be labelled by the manufacturer as Tiny Baby, but some as Early Baby or Premature Baby, and some as 3lb-5lb and others in European sizing (size 38 or size 44). We will have put it into the Tiny Baby collection if we feel that for UK customers it is more appropriate i.e. if a product is labelled Early Baby but we feel it's a little big for that.

Of course no sizing system is perfect as babies vary in length and structure as well as weight, (but we get very few returns!   :)

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