These are the questions to answer

Does baby weigh 1lb-3lb or 3-5lb

These premature baby incubator vests are specially designed for a very early baby. These babies will be very small and on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or Specialist Care Baby Unit (SCBU) in hospital, and as the name suggests, these babies are typically spending time in an incubator.

The vests are for babies weighing between 1lb and 3lb and 3lb-5lb depending on the vest. See the specific product page for exact product sizing. The size range is quite big because the vest is adjustable.

Is baby in an incubator and connected to tubes and wires?

Babies in an incubator will be connected to wires and tubes and machines that are supporting their breathing and feeding, and monitoring their vital signs. So dressing these babies - especially the smallest - in traditional clothes can be difficult and too disruptive for baby. Incubator vests are easy-dress design.

Dressing in an incubator can also be a bit awkward as the only access is usually through holes in the door. Babies in need of this support also have sensitive skin so clothing that is 100% soft and breathable cotton is best.

Why are our incubator vests ideal?

Easy-dress design and other baby-friendly features

The unique wrapover design of these vests means easy quick dressing around the accompanying tubes and wires. As well as being wrap-around style they are:

- Soft breathable cotton
- No harsh seams
- Gentle velcro closings
- Adjustable
- Easily worn with other clothes i.e. matching hats and trousers
- Easily washable

What else will a baby in an incubator vest wear?

A baby in an incubator is often just dressed in an incubator vest and a nappy on its body, and a hat and scratch mittens are commonly worn too, especially as baby gets bigger and spends time outside of the incubator for cuddles.

Little trousers, vests and sleepsuits can also be worn as baby gets a bit bigger and at the judgement of your medical team.



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