Advice for family of a premature baby

Gillian Parsons | Mar 02, 19
When can I dress my premature baby?

Every parent has dreamt of dressing their baby, it's one of those exciting moments. But for the parent of a premature baby this milestone can be delayed if baby is too small or poorly. Parents need to be patient, but naturally ask the question "When can I dress my premature baby?" Here we answer that question and give advice on suitable clothing for premature babies.

Gillian Parsons | Jan 11, 19
What is Kangaroo Care (Skin-to-Skin)?

Skin-to-skin - often called Kangaroo Care - is usually used to describe your newborn, healthy term baby being placed directly onto your naked chest following a picture-perfect birth. However kangaroo care for a premature baby may not be immediately possible, but when it is can provide many benefits...

Gillian Parsons | Jan 10, 19
What are visiting policies on a NICU and why are they so important?

If you baby is premature and sent straight to the NICU it can be a confusing time for everyone. You want all of your closest family and friends to be introduced to your little mouse, but it can feel like there are a hundred rules for you to follow with regards to visiting time on the NICU. But what are the rules for visiting the NICU and why?

Gillian Parsons | Dec 27, 18
Should I give my premature baby a dummy?

If you wish to give your premature baby a dummy or soother there's a number of important things to consider. Your NICU nurse will also be able to offer advice and you should speak with them about this decision.

Gillian Parsons | Dec 19, 18
When can I bath my premature baby?

Babies that are born prematurely can seem like they are a hundred-years off being bathed. But the nurses on the NICU will make sure that as soon as possible, you’ll be able to bathe your little mouse. This article answers the question "when can I bath my premature baby?".



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