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Neonatal Stomas

Before our own little mouse was born, I was a Neonatal Surgical Nurse Specialist at an amazing centre for neonatal surgery in London. As part of this role, one of my favorite aspects of the job was looking after the neonatal stomas, my patients families often commented on my passion for them!!   There are many reasons why a baby may need a stoma but one of the most common is in the treatment of NEC. A stoma is when a surgeon brings a part of the bowel to the surface of the skin. When it used in NEC, it aims...

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NEC Awareness.

Every NICU nurse is painfully aware of the impact of NEC (necrotising enterocolitis) on babies and families. Leading up to NEC Awareness day on the 17th May, we are writing a series of blog posts all about this disease so that families and friends of parents of NICU babies can understand what it means.  The lovely people at Bliss have written a very thorough description of the disease so rather than rewriting (and probably not describing it as succinctly as them) the link is here: There is a wonderful charity called NEC UK who are a parent led organisation...

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What’s the difference between Premature Baby clothes and Tiny Baby clothes?

What size premature baby clothes should I buy?

Choosing the right size clothes for a baby is really important, especially a premature baby where warmth and comfort are even more crucial. So do you need Premature Baby clothes or Tiny Baby clothes? What's the difference?

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In the News - Amazing couple who are doing amazing things in memory of Leo

A bit of a sad blog post today. An amazing couple lost their gorgeous little boy Leo after 8 days of fighting, but in his memory they have been doing some incredible fundraising to benefit other NICU parents.

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Can toys be produced any more ethically than this? Meet Hathay Bunano and Pebble Toys

Brands Fairtrade and organic Quirky toys

Hathay Bunano is the company behind Pebble Toys. We discovered Pebble Toys at our first ever baby exhibition and their famous crochet octopus and turtle were the first toys we bought for our store! They ticked all our boxes: soft, fun, suitable from birth, affordable, and ethical. Very very ethical!

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