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Cute & Quirky Soft Toys

Quirky soft toys
If you're looking for quirky soft toys that your little-one will be cuddling up to for years to come, then look no further. We work with boutique toy manufacturers, providing you with a range of brilliant soft toys that are a bit different from the norm. We love them!

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More About Cute & Quirky Soft Toys

We have really enjoyed developing our range of quirky soft toys suitable for premature babies and newborn babies. We’ve met with some wonderful boutique soft toy brands that have created some adorable characters.

We love plush toys that are cute and quirky and a bit different from the norm. We believe that newborn baby toys should always be soft and interesting for the baby, and we think that these baby toys will be loved by the baby whilst they are tiny and through to their early years.

Why do we call these Quirky Soft Toys? Quirky baby toys to us means soft toys that are a bit unusual from what’s typically found on the high street. They either look quirky in their design, the materials used or their size.

In our toy shop you’ll see lots of contemporary and timeless soft toys that are really cute and have an expression on their face that says ‘please love me!’