How to select gift-wrap, card & message

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How to select gift-wrap, card & message

Our gift service is rated 'Excellent' with handwritten cards costing from £2.50 and gift wrap from just £1.

If you have any issues or questions about our gift service please do contact us.

Gift wrap costs as little as £1

Premium options also available

Want to add a card but not gift-wrap?

No problem, just add a card and click Next to skip the other steps.

Visit your bag page

On your bag page above the checkout button you will see a tick box next to "Add gift-wrap & card". Select this.

This opens our Gifting Widget

Selecting the tick box will open our Gifting Widget. This enables you to add a card and message, add gift wrapping, and add-ons if you wish.

Adding a card & optional message

Choose your card.
Dozens available to suit all tastes.

Add a message (optional).
Adding a card will open up a box below it, type your card message in that if you wish. Then hit the Next button.

What to write?
We offer advice on what to write for family of a premature baby in hospital.

Just want a blank card?
If you prefer to write the message and wrap the items yourself, you can just add a card and skip the other steps.

Adding gift wrap, from £1 (optional)

Gift wrap starts at just £1 and is added in one click, with lovely options for all tastes. Hit the Next button.

Want to wrap it yourself? You can just add a card, skip the other steps, and add your own address as the delivery address.

Select add ons (optional)

Gifts for parents and baby

We have lots of lovely optional gift options for parents as well as babies and at this stage you can add some of these to your Bag too.

Once happy, click the "Save Options & Update Bag" button.

Your bag will look like this. You're now ready to checkout

After you click the "Save Options & Update Bag" button your Bag will look something like this, with your card, message and gift-wrap options included alongside your products. You're now ready to checkout.

Sent to you or the gift recipient.

Simply put the gift recipient's address as the Shipping Address if you want us to send it directly to them.