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Do hospitals provide preemie clothes?

Many hospitals do provide preemie clothes for premature babies. Preemie clothes are designed to fit babies who are born prematurely and may be smaller in size compared to full-term babies. These clothes are typically made of soft and comfortable materials to accommodate the delicate skin of preemies.

However, the availability of preemie clothes in hospitals can vary from one facility to another. Some hospitals may have a supply of preemie clothes readily available for parents to use during their baby's stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or special care baby unit. These clothes are usually provided as a convenience for parents who may not have had the opportunity to purchase preemie-sized clothing before their baby's birth.

It's a good idea for parents of premature babies to check with the hospital where their baby will be receiving care to inquire about the availability of preemie clothes. In some cases, hospitals may also have resources or partnerships with organizations that can provide preemie clothing if they do not have them on hand.

Additionally, parents can also consider bringing their own preemie-sized clothing to the hospital if they have purchased some in advance. This can help ensure that their baby has comfortable and properly fitting clothing during their time in the NICU or special care baby unit.

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