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Baby Blankets With Real Metallic Silver - Our Review

Coming from a nursing background, means that over at Little Mouse HQ, we are always on the lookout for the latest thing in medical technology. Gill, our Founder, worked with silver wound dressings in one of the country’s leading Neonatal Units, and we’re thrilled that we are able to offer, what we think is an excellent product to you; a baby blanket made with real metallic silver.

Hippocrates (known as the Father of Medicine) wrote about his findings when using silver for wound care in the 400’s BC. It was used in World War 1 to treat wound infections in the battlefield. At the beginning of the twentieth century silver stitches were used to suture wounds. Overall, the medical community hold silver in high regard.

Silver has long been used in fighting infections in medicine – in dressings and creams, as well as being used as a “top coat” layer of protection on medical devices. Our team of top nursey-types at Little Mouse have all seen or heard about the interesting properties of silver and the fact that we are now able to offer such a brilliant product thrills us.

Dipping into the science bits – metallic silver, when it’s in the presence of atmospheric oxygen, has an antimicrobial effect, which is caused by the formation of silver oxide. And when we speak about metallic silver, we mean everything- from table silver wear, rings, silver coins and silver foil. Silver water containers were carried by military commanders on expeditions to protect against disease – and it was once common to place silver foil or even silver coins on wounds for the same reason.

Because each singular component of the blanket has been verified by OEKO-TEX 100, it means that the blanket has been tested for substances which may be harmful to humans – and passed with flying colours. It's important that the silver keeps its shape, so the manufacturers recommend a 30° cool wash, which is all the more important as it helps fight against climate change.

All of the blankets are available in the Little Mouse shop, in a range of colours – perfect for wrapping up your new addition and helping to protect them from all the nasties zipping about in the world!


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