How to support a friend who's had a premature baby

Feb 27, 19

How to support a friend who's had a premature baby

This is a quick checklist to help friends of parents of a new premature baby. It gives a little advice on how to offer support during a challenging time for your friends.

  • Celebrate the new little person in your friend’s life! Send a card! Write that text! Make sure you tell your friend how brave they are and how you can’t wait to meet the little mouse.
  • Send a gift – sending an item of tiny baby clothing is probably more important than anything else, as its unlikely your friend will have prepared for this eventuality.
  • Gill has developed this great Buyer’s Guide to help you suss out exactly what you could send to the new mummy and daddy -
  • Send mummy a “care package”, anything from a drinks bottle, handcream, crossword puzzles, a Netflix account password, a voucher for a restaurant near the hospital…anything she can do to occupy her time by the incubator
  • Keep offering to help, even when the baby comes home. Often parents find a few days after the initial rush of helpful offers, they soon dry up, and your friend could need some extra support for months to come
  • Buy books for parent’s to read to their little mouse – this can promote bonding and helps baby develop, as well as being a very thoughtful gift
  • Comply to the NICU rules if you go for a visit – if you’re told to wash your hands, or not touch baby, it is for a good reason. Go with the flow and do as you’re instructed by parents.

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