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Baby Clothes For 4lb Babies; What To Buy?

What you need to know before buying clothes for a baby weighing just 4lb

Buying baby clothes for a 4lb baby is a little tricky; it’s that weight on the cusp of Premature/Early Baby size and Tiny Baby size.

Choosing the right size really depends on the health of the baby:

  • Is baby on the intensive care or specialist care unit?
  • Is baby doing really well and due home fairly soon?

If baby is in the hospital NICU/SCBU

If baby is quite poorly in the intensive care or specialist care unit it's best to choose really practical and easy to dress clothes in Early Baby size. This clothing allows for dressing around any equipment helping baby to breath and monitors, etc.

A 4lb baby will be too big for micro-premature baby clothes and incubator vests, so is likely able to wear more traditional style baby clothing, with more choice. But it still needs to be designed with specialist features:

  • Wrap-around design
  • Simple fixings
  • Soft seams
  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Slits for wires and lines

If baby is coming home fairly soon

If baby is small but making great progress then you can consider clothes from the Tiny Baby size category. These are not specialist premature baby clothes, so lack features of the Premature and Early Baby clothing, but they are a great size and lovely quality for a baby that's currently 4lb and gaining weight really well; perfect for keeping baby warm by layering up.

Tiny Baby clothes available here are from 4lb-7.5lb so will last for several weeks.

Where to buy clothes for a 4lb baby?

Suddenly finding yourself the parent of a 4lb baby can be a stressful  time. Priority is baby’s health and wellbeing, but like any parent they also dreamed of baby’s first cute outfit, and more importantly now they want to know that baby has appropriate clothes to keep it warm and comfortable.

We founded Little Mouse Baby clothing and Gifts to meet the need from thousands of parents and loved ones of premature and tiny babies; being able to offer one website where they could find clothes suitable from their early birth, through to become ‘average’ newborn size. Whilst offering advice like this to help them buy premature baby clothes that fit and are practical as well as looking good.

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