Can a preemie fit in newborn clothes?

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Can a preemie fit in newborn clothes?

For parents of preemies, one of the most common questions is whether or not their baby can fit into newborn clothing. Preemies, or babies born earlier than 37 weeks gestation, are often much smaller than their full-term counterparts and therefore require different clothing sizes.

While some preemies may be able to squeeze into newborn clothes, it is important to know that there are special sizes available for preemies as well. Preemie sizes typically come in up to 1.5lb, 3-5lb, and 4-7lb which is often know as Tiny Baby size.

Sizing isn't the only concern. Preemie clothes will often be organic cotton, to help protect the most delicate skin, and have features specifically designed to make dressing the babies in the NICU as easy easy as possible. Also for accomodating babies that need to be connected to wires and tubes.