Christmas Outfits For Premature Babies | Sizes 1lb-3lb, 3lb-5lb, 5lb+

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Now even the smallest of premature babies can wear a Christmas outfit


We've found some wonderful Christmas premature baby outfits and festive gifts.

Christmas is a tough time for families of a baby that’s on the NICU or SCBU; no one dreams of spending their little one’s first Christmas in hospital. What’s more if baby is particularly poorly it can be a really challenging time.

The medical team will do their best to provide some festive cheer and support these families over this period, and we want to do our bit too.

Of course Christmas outfits for premature babies aren't going to make a major difference, but every little helps, and parents of premature babies often tell us that just being able to dress their baby like other parents can helps them feel more ‘normal’ and reduces stress a little.

Considering buying a festive gift for a premature baby?

If you’re considering buying premature baby Christmas clothes as a gift, stop considering it, and do it!  :)

Families of babies on the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and specialist care unit (SCBU) love receiving gifts and cards, especially at Christmas time. It helps them know that people care and that their little baby is being celebrated. A very premature baby may be poorly, and sadly not all will make it, but don’t wait to send a Christmas card or New Baby card ‘just in case’.

Be considerate with what you write in a Christmas card for a premature baby, but don’t hesitate in sending one along with a gift. It can really make a difference to their day.

What Christmas clothes and gifts are available?

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Our premature baby Christmas clothes and outfits include:

  • Christmas red premature baby dress
  • Premature baby santa hat
  • Premature baby elf hat
  • ‘My First Christmas’ design premature baby sleepsuit and hat set
  • Pink snow pattern incubator vest and mittens outfit
  • Christmas red incubator vest (can be paired with santa hat or elf hat)
  • Christmas red premature baby dress and santa hat set
  • "My First Christmas" cards

Our Xmas clothing outfits for premature babies come in sizes 1.5lb-3lb, 3lb-5lb and 4lb-7lb, so even the smallest of babies can look super-cute and festive. What’s more this clothing is easy-access style, accommodating any tubes or wires baby may be connected to.

This clothing isn’t your typical fancy dress quality ‘made in China’. This is 100% cotton and handmade in North America and South Africa, so it really is superior quality and suitable for premature babies.

Get advice from baby's medical team

It’s of course vital to get advice from a neonatal nurse when it comes to dressing a very small or poorly premature baby. What these little ones can wear will vary depending on their circumstances and the NICU's policies.