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What clothes to buy a premature baby in hospital?

Buying clothes for a premature baby in Hospital isn’t the easiest purchase. You want to make sure you get it right so baby is comfortable and can be easily dressed whilst in hospital, but as well as being practical you want to buy something that looks lovely too.

A premature baby in hospital needs practical clothing

A premature baby in hospital will be either on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or the Specialist Baby Care Unit (SBCU). The smallest babies will be in an incubator and any baby in the NICU or SCBU will be connected to lines and wires to monitor them or provide support with breathing or feeding.

With this in mind clothing for a premature baby must allow for easy dressing around these items, so a wrap-around design is most practical, preferably wrap-around clothing that is adjustable as baby grows.

A baby in an incubator is obviously being kept warm, so often an incubator vest is all that's needed in addition to a nappy. An incubator vest should be truly wrap-around, allowing for easy dressing with minimal disturbance to the baby.

As well as being designed for easy dressing of baby, premature baby hospital clothes should be cotton, which is soft and breathable, ideal for their sensitive skin.

Practical premature baby hospital clothing can look good too

A premature baby in hospital is often seen wearing impractical clothing or poorly fitting clothing as alternatives are not easy to find. So when a tiny prem baby on the NICU or SCBU is in practical clothing - regardless of style - it's at least a big step forward. However today even the tiniest of baby clothing can look lovely too!

Every new parent dreams of their baby's first outfit and that includes parents of a baby on the NICU/SCBU in hospital. Often brands only stock basic ranges of hospital baby clothes and these are often kindly handed down to hospitals too. These clothes do a good job, but not every parent wants their prem baby in basic pink or blue clothing, and although they're grateful for hand-me-downs they also want something new too.

Little Mouse Baby Clothing and Gifts was founded by a NICU Nurse to fill this gap, offering prem baby clothing for the babies in hospital that is practical but also offers a choice of colours and designs. You'll find lots of varieties of pink and blue of course but also white, grey, yellow, slate, cream and more, plus stripes, spots, and lovely floral prints and trendy patterns.

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