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Clothes for premature baby twins; what to buy and where to buy them?

It's estimated that 60% of twins are born early, almost a month before the standard 40 weeks gestation of a singleton baby, and more than 90 percent of triplets are born prematurely. The average twin pregnancy lasts 35 weeks. Triplet pregnancies average 33 weeks, and quad pregnancies average 29 weeks.

Baby twins born early (or other multiple babies) may have:

  • specific health issues
  • specialist clothing needs.

What health issues may premature baby twins have?

Twins and triplets often don't have a chance to reach a healthy weight before they're born. While the average single baby weighs 7 pounds at birth, the average twin weighs 5.5 pounds and triplets typically weigh 4 pounds each. But thousands of premature babies are born at much lower weights too.

Babies with low birth weights are likely to have health problems even if they weren't born prematurely. Low-birth-weight twin babies often have trouble breathing on their own. They may not be fully prepared to fight infections, control their body temperature, or put on weight. This is because their organs such as lungs, brain, and others may not be fully developed, their immune system may not be ready to fight off infections, and they may not be able to swallow or suck.

For these reasons, almost all low-birth weight twin babies have to spend time in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) before going home; and these twin babies need suitable clothing.

What clothing needs do premature baby twins have?

Premature baby twins need clothing appropriate to their situation. Those born at a healthier weight of 5lb and more have a wide choice of 'normal' baby clothing, typical of what can be found in a Tiny Baby clothing range

However low-birth weight premature baby twins in the NICU need specialist premature baby clothes that allow for dressing whilst baby is in an incubator and connected to lines and tubes. 

Specialist premature baby clothes for twins should be wrap-around style allowing for easy dressing of the twin babies without too much disturbance. They should also be 100% cotton which is soft and breathable which is required for their delicate skin.

Where can you find clothes for premature baby twins?

For low-weight premature baby twins we have a lot of options, when buying clothes for twins 1lb to 3.5lb. This includes over a dozen incubator vests as well as wrap-around dresses and tops, trousers and scratch mittens.

For the average weight premature baby twin there's our Early Baby range (3lb-5lb).

For premature baby twins weighing 4lb to 7lb we have a wide range of clothes for twin boys or girls in our Tiny Baby clothing range. 

We have blue premature baby clothes for twin boys and pink clothes for twin premature baby girls if you like to be traditional, but we also have a wide range of other colours and styles. This gives parents a lot of options for clothing their premature baby twins whilst they're in the NICU and as they grow. 


Premature baby clothes for twins

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