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Santa hats and little elf hats in premature baby size; how cute are these!!

Finding tiny santa hats and elf hats suitable for premature babies was so important to us, but you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was!  We just wanted to be able to do our bit to bring a little festive cheer to families of premature babies. We know that being in hospital with their new addition over Christmas wasn’t the dream, and a Christmassy outfit isn’t going to help a lot, but it can help a little!

We found loads of cheap fancy dress quality santa hats and elf hats available online and through wholesalers, but they were all either designed for bigger heads or the materials just weren’t the quality we wanted for these little fighters. So we had to expand our search overseas.

We wanted these xmas hats to be soft breathable cotton, nothing man made, and to be specifically designed to fit tiny heads. Then it dawned on us, maybe our manufacturer in North America that makes our incubator vests could help. They really understand our needs and are generally really helpful! Sure enough they came to the rescue!  :)

They have produced classic christmas hats in traditional santa style and elf style using cotton, and made them fit for babies weighing approximately 1.5lb-3lb. Naturally babies heads vary in size but these have a little stretch in them, so should fit most premature babies in this weight range.

The premature baby santa hat is Christmas red with a white trim and the premature baby elf hat is the classic red, white and green. There’s nothing elaborate about them, there’s no ‘funny’ slogan or comedy ears attached. Just traditional Christmas hats that have stood the test of time, produced to fit the tiniest of babies.

What’s more we also discovered that our supplier could also make Christmas style clothes and full outfits for a premature baby. These prem clothes can be paired with a santa hat or elf hat and we think they’ll be really popular this Christmas.

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