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Twin Baby Gifts - What To Buy?

Looking for gifts for twin babies? You're in the right place, here's some answers to frequently asked questions about buying gifts for twin baby boys and girls.


What is the best gift for twin babies?

Clothes for twins
Clothing twins is obviously twice the cost of clothing a single baby so clothes for twins make a great gift that is much appreciated by parents.

Are the twin babies premature?
Clothes for a twin baby boy and girl will often need to be smaller than average newborn baby clothes, because it's estimated that half of all twin boys and girls are born early.

So before you buy clothes for twins find out the weight of the babies, to ensure you buy gifts for twins that are right-sized and practical: Shop premature baby clothes


Twins baby gifts

Twin babies in their lovely premature baby sleepsuits, available to buy here

Rattles and soft toys
A little soft rattle or soft toy is a lovely gift for twins, you could buy them both the same rattle or ones from the same range, like a pink elephant for a twin baby girl and a blue elephant for a twin baby boy.

Babies get through lots of nappies - up to 20 a day for twins! - and this is an expensive part of having twin babies, so although nappies aren't the most glamorous gift for twin babies, they are hugely practical!

If the twin babies were born prematurely, they may need specialist premature baby nappies. These nappies are extra small and have features that make them more comfortable and practical for a tiny baby, especially those babies in the NICU.

Before you buy a caseload of nappies, however, confirm whether parents prefer disposable or cloth diapers and provide accordingly.


Gifts for twin babies


Should you buy twins the same gift?

This is just personal choice and what you think the parents taste in gifts is. Buying both twins matching gifts can be really sweet, but isn't everyone's cup of tea.

If you're buying gifts for a twin baby boy and girl then you could buy the same unisex clothes or toys, or buy the same item in different colours, like a pink sleepsuit for a twin baby girl and a blue sleepsuit for a twin baby boy.


How much should I spend on a baby gift for twins?

How much you spend on a baby gift totally depends on the relationship, the friend, what you are planning on getting and what you can afford.

There should no pressure to spend a certain amount, and you'll likely know an appropriate spend.

As it's twins you might expect to spend more than you would if it was a gift for one baby, but that doesn't mean you need to spend twice the amount.


Do you buy two gifts for a twin baby shower?

When buying twin baby gifts it would be normal to buy something for both babies. If you're on a budget it doesn't mean you have to spend more than you can afford. Baby clothes and toys come is a wide range of prices, so you could buy two items for the same price as one more premium item.


Gifts for twin babies

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