Where can I get a premature baby octopus crochet pattern?

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Where can I get a premature baby octopus crochet pattern?

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Crocheting your own premature baby octopus

Bliss - free crochet pattern for a prem baby octopus from a leading charity

Bliss, the premature baby charity offers a selection of downloadable patterns to enable you to knit clothing, blankets and toys for premature babies including a premature baby octopus crochet pattern. Before you get started, please check with your local neonatal unit about what items they need.

Bliss’s premature baby crochet pattern is free to download, but if you use it, they hope that you’ll consider making a donation or support their work in other ways such as holding a cake sale as part of Bake for Bliss.

This helps Bliss ensure that premature and sick babies across the UK have the best possible chance of leading healthy, happy lives.

Where should I send my Bliss crochet premature baby octopus?
Before you start knitting, please contact your local neonatal unit to find out what items they require. Bliss ask you to send your completed knitting to the hospital directly, as they are best placed to put it to good use. Please don’t send your items to Bliss’s head office, as they will incur the cost of posting them on to neonatal units.


Pinterest - lots of free crochet patterns for a preemie baby octopus

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for all things crafty, including free crochet patterns for a premature baby octopus.


YouTube - video of a crochet octopus being made

Watching a crochet octopus being made can be really helpful, alongside having a free pattern for a crocheted preemie baby octopus. So it's no surprise that people have produced some handy videos and put them on YouTube.


FAQ - lots of questions answered about how to make a crochet octopus that is safe for a premature baby

Octopus for a Preemie is a registered charity that was founded in Denmark and inspires people to crochet octopuses for neonatal wards. Their great work includes giving lots of advice about how to make an octopus that is safe for a premature baby.


Buying a premature baby octopus

Not everyone has the skills to crochet an octopus no matter how good the pattern. And families that have recently had a premature baby enter their lives certainly don't have the time to be crocheting either!

These two brands sell lovely premature baby octopuses:

  • Octoprem – NICU approved premature baby octopus in 4 colours
  • Nattou Piu Piu – stylish octopus for premature babies in 4 colours