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Premature Baby Clothes

Little Mouse Baby Clothing & Gifts was founded with a passion to find stylish and practical clothes for premature babies; especially suitable NICU hospital clothing. This was driven by our Founder's 10+ years of working on Neonatal intensive care units (NICU) in the UK and Australia, and seeing parents despondent at the lack of choice of clothes for their premature baby.

We have sourced and produced premature baby clothes that meet the needs of parents and hospital NICU wards; stylish and desirable, but also practical. We have our own range of premature baby clothes produced from 100% cotton and produced with love by hand in the USA. And we work with brands in the UK, Canada and western Europe that offer lovely tiny and premature baby clothes as part of their range.

Our premature baby clothing range includes staples like incubator vests, tops, trousers and t-shirts, plus specialist prem baby dresses and smocks that are hard to find elsewhere in the UK. We also have premature baby hats, specialist scratch mitts, and other lovely accessories.

Our premature baby clothes range is for babies weighing between 1lb-4lb (see individual items for size and fit); so ideal for those very premature babies, that are often connected to tubes or lines in an incubator on a NICU ward in hospital. We also have clothing for babies that are between 4lb-7.5lb, and we call that our Tiny Baby clothing range