Premature Baby Clothing and Gift Buyer's Guides

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Premature Baby Clothing and Gift Buyer's Guides

Gillian Parsons

Hello! I'm Gill, founder of Little Mouse and Neonatal Nurse.

I have worked with hundreds of babies and families during my time on the NICU and I really wanted to produce Buyer's Guides to help parents find suitable clothes for their little one, and help family and friends buy gifts with confidence.

If you need any more ideas or help please contact us and I will try and get back to you ASAP.

Thank you

Founder's name
Founder of Little Mouse Baby Clothing and Gifts Ltd
Senior Neonatal Nurse

P.S. Congratulations on the new little one in your life and best wishes to you all.

Gift Buyer's Guides For Family and Friends

Here we answer these common questions:

  • Should I buy a gift for a premature baby?
  • Which clothes are appropriate?
  • What could I buy instead of clothes?
  • What should I write in a card?


Clothing Buyer's Guide

Here we help you choose clothing that is appropriate for your baby depending on its size and circumstances. If baby is on the NICU or SCBU (in hospital) it's particularly important to buy specialist premature baby clothes.