Premature Baby Hats | 1.5-3lb and 4lb to 7lb Sizes

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Premature baby hats

Keeping baby warm is so important, but especially a premature baby. They won’t have bulked up like a full-term baby so will need a little help. 

Often a premature baby will be in an incubator on the NICU so a premature baby hat might not be required, but when the little one comes out for cuddles popping a premature baby hat on baby’s head will be necessary.


What styles of premature baby hats are available?

We have hats for the smallest of babies in a variety of colours and styles, and hats in tiny baby size too in lovely designs. This includes reversible and 100 organic cotton options.

Our premature baby hats and tiny baby hats are perfect for little boys and girls, with several pink and blue options, but lots of other colours too; plain, spotty and striped hats.

Our premature baby hats also come in a variety of prints including pirates, bunnies, stars, whales, clouds, rainbows and swans.


Premature baby hats from organic cotton

Several of our premature baby hats and tiny baby hats are from brands that only produce baby clothing from 100% organic cotton. This includes hats by Tiny & Small, Huggee, Fixoni, and Noppies.