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soft baby toys

As soon as a baby is born it will be presented with its first soft toy and you often see on social media “my first soft toy” photos with baby looking adorable next to their new best friend. It’s tradition for children to be bought cuddly toys as they get older too, and many a loft can be found full of soft baby toys that just couldn’t be thrown away!

What Types of Soft Toys are Available?

Soft baby toys come in all shapes and sizes and styles, from traditional plush teddy bears and dolls to developmental toys that may even make sounds.

We specialise in the sort of soft toys you may not find on the high street. Boutique brands that offer something a little different with their soft baby toys. This includes quirky designs and materials like crochet, knit and organic cotton.

Why Do Babies and Children Love Soft Toys?

We all know of babies and children that are so attached to their comforters that the thought of losing drives the parents to buy another as back up! Some kids refuse to leave the house without it!

Babies and children get comfort from familiar things and their soft toys often mean something to them that makes them feel safe; no matter how well warn it may be. That’s why soft baby toys are often seen in the arms of their little owner at their first day of nursery or on an airplane.

Making Sure Baby’s Soft Toy Is Safe

  • The CE Mark – although it’s not a consumer mark, the CE logo on soft toys does prove that the toy has been tested for compliance with toy safety standards.
  • The Lion Mark – this is only displayed by a member of the British Toy and Hobby Association BTHA who has agreed to stick to the BTHA Code of Practice. This mark should indicate that the soft toys are safe and are good quality.
  • Not Suitable for Children under 36 months - This logo means that a children’s toy isn’t suitable for any child under three years old. You’ll find it on soft toys which have small parts that younger children could pull off and swallow.

Choosing Soft Toys For A Baby

Firstly make sure any soft toy for a baby is safe, that’s a given! As well as having the appropriate quality stamps mentioned above avoid toys for a baby that are too fluffy or has eyes made of buttons; anything that could be a choking hazard.

Next it’s really down to personal preference, but we advocate:

  • If you’re buying a soft toy for a baby, remember that very young babies and children love to play with children's toys that help them learn about their world - so when you’re deciding which soft toy to buy, also think about what developmental opportunities it has.
  • Will it be something that comforts at bedtime and goes everywhere with the child.
  • Is it different from the norm? With family and friends eager to buy baby soft toys try to be original to avoid duplicate gifts.
  • Consider organic baby toys or soft Fairtrade toys
  • We have a lot of plush toys and comforters suitable for newborns including premature babies including Piu Piu and Octoprem octopus specifically designed to comfort the smallest of premature babies.
  • We also have Scandi style comforters with tags which newborns love to fiddle with.

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