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Trendy Muslin Swaddle Blankets

We couldn’t launch a baby store without offering trendy muslin swaddle blankets. But not all swaddle blankets are the same. There are lots of muslin blankets available, and we wanted to ensure the swaddle blankets that we offer are super soft, breathable, large, suitable for tiny babies, and stylish.

Swaddling soothes babies by mimicking the familiar snugness of the womb and swaddling with a muslin swaddle blanket teaches babies to sleep through the night without startling themselves awake. Swaddling also helps reduce loose bedding in the crib and helps keep babies sleeping safely on their backs. Muslin blankets can also be used to line an incubator or as a pram curtain.

Our trendy muslin swaddle blankets from Miracle Baby are 100% cotton and come in 4 trendy Scandi designs: ZigZag, Elk, Teepee and Bear. These trendy muslin swaddle blankets are in contemporary monochrome.

We also have pink and blue organic Egyptian cotton muslin blankets from Under The Nile, with matching organic soft pink and baby blue babygrows in Tiny Baby size.