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What to write in a card for a premature baby?

For family and friends of someone who’s had a premature baby - especially if baby is poorly - it can be hard to know what to do for the best.

You only have to look in online forums and Facebook groups to see many people asking questions like ‘my friend’s baby was premature and is in hospital, should I send a New Baby card?’, ‘My cousin’s premature baby is really poorly, what should I write in a card?’, ‘Is it insensitive to send a Congratulations card and gift when baby is in the NICU?’...

In this article we answer these questions, and give you advice on what to write and where to buy cards suitable for a premature baby.

Scroll down to see what some mums of premature babies say about how if felt to receive few gifts and cards for their premature baby.

What do mums of premature babies say?

Look what these mums of premature babies said on Facebook about our premature baby cards and their own sad experiences of not receiving cards for premature babies.

Yes, please do send cards and gifts!

Firstly you most definitely should send a card and gift to someone who's had a very premature baby that is on the NICU or SCBU. Too often well-meaning friends and family delay getting anything for parents of a premature baby 'just in case', but these parents need support and messages of love even more than most.

In my time on the neonatal wards I've seen healthier babies and their parents surrounded by new baby cards and gifts, while babies in the NICU and SCBU have received very little and it's heartbreaking. With so much specialist premature baby clothing now available it's not hard to find a great gift.

See our Premature Baby Gift Buyer's Guide >>

Examples of appropriate card messages (swipe left!)

What to avoid writing in a premature baby card

If the baby is very poorly then a typical message of 'congratulations' or 'new baby' isn't appropriate, but there's lots of other words to express what you want to say. The one perhaps less obvious thing I would avoid is messages like "we are hoping to visit soon", because then the parents might feel that you are putting pressure on them at a time when they may want space, or they simply aren't allowed visitors and a reminder of this can be upsetting. But you can still say that you are really looking forward to meeting the little one when the time is right.

We can send a card with your message for you, along with a gift.

We can send a card with your message for you, along with a gift.

Our Gift Service is really popular - especially for premature baby gifts - and it's rated 5 stars on Trustpilot. We have a Premature Baby Gift Buyer's Guide too.

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