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Premature baby clothes Asda, what's available and what are the alternatives?

Asda launched its premature baby clothes range in 2014 in 70 stores around the UK.

As you would expect from Asda, Asda premature baby clothes focus on value products, and their range is cheap.

Also as a supermarket, Asda's premature baby clothes range is very limited, they're not a clothing specialist, so it's to be expected. When we looked at the Asda website there were only 10 products available:

Premature baby clothes Asda

The George Asda premature baby clothes range includes flat open-out fitting, extra poppers and irritation-free seams to ensure the clothes are comfy for these tiny babies and fit around medical equipment that can be found on the NICU or SCBU.

George has a reputation for providing good quality clothing at a good price and with large Asda stores open 24 hours it offers convenience when you are in and out of hospital and working around childcare.

Premature baby clothes at Asda offer limited colour choices too, with typical pink, blue and white, so if you want premature baby clothing that's more colourful you'll need to look elsewhere.


Why choose Little Mouse as an alternative to Asda premature baby clothes?

As described above, Asda's premature baby clothes (George brand) are excellent value for money, come in small sizes and are designed especially for premature babies. However:

  • Asda has 10 premature baby clothing sets to choose from, Little Mouse has hundreds of items!
  • Asda premature baby clothes come in pink, blue and white, Little Mouse has lots of different colours!
  • Asda's free delivery option takes up to 5 days. Little Mouse offers free delivery that is typically 1 or 2 days!
  • Asda is a big corporate business. Little Mouse is a small family-run business!