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Premature twins about the size of a Fanta bottle head home after six week in ICU

Premature baby twins Elizabeth and Etta Kearns-Turner, who were born 9 week before full term, were tiny bundles of joy weighing when they came to this world. One weighed 2 lbs 11 oz while the other weighed 2 lbs 10 oz.

The twins’ lungs had were slightly underdeveloped, as is common with a premature baby, at the time of birth. They were kept at the neonatal unit at Burnley General Hospital.

Although the mother had an easy pregnancy until the latter stages, she had a feeling things would not go well considering she was carrying twins. 

A day before the mother went into labor, Suzy and the family went to find more clothes for premature baby twins in smaller sizes because she had a feeling the babies would come preterm.

Elizabeth came first, while Etta followed 2 minutes later. However, the hospital whisked the twins away to the NICU before the mother hand a chance to hold them. Suzzy stated that she was excited when she was informed that they could all be together finally. The twins are about seven weeks as we speak and they are growing wonderfully at home.

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