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The Smallest Things - Campaigning for Increased Maternity Leave for NICU Parents

At Little Mouse we are not just all about the sell! We also want to raise awareness in our own little way, of some of the amazing work others are doing for rights and support of parents of babies in the NICU. 

One of the most inspirational charities is 'The Smallest Things' ( This charity was founded by some NICU parents who had a tough time to say the least. And due to their babies extended problems, they spent the majority of their maternity leave on the NICU, and so were expected to go back to work soon after getting the babies home. One of the amazing things they are doing is campaigning for increased maternity leave, and support for families with babies in the NICU. There has been some big successes with Waltham Forest Council announcing extra maternity leave for NICU families as a direct result of the campaign. (

Their work does not stop with this campaign, and the charity has some rather tremendous aims:

  • Promote the good health of premature babies and their families
  • Raise awareness of premature birth and the needs of families following intensive care.
  • Promote high quality care for mothers affected by postnatal depression, anxiety and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder associated with premature birth

They have a really good site which explains how you can support them, and talks about everything they are doing. 

Little Mouse is still just in its beginning stages and we are looking forward to being able to support these amazing charities as we develop. 


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