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What makes the perfect premature baby gift set?

The inspiration for Little Mouse were the parents and friends of premature babies on the NICUs of various hospitals that Gillian (our founder) worked on. Too often they talked of receiving clothes that were too big and other gift sets that were not appropriate for their little one. Hence our premature baby gift sets were born!

Should you buy a premature baby a gift?

Yes, yes, yes! Some parents don't receive the support they had hoped for from their family and friends. This is typically because well-meaning friends didn't want to intrude during a time that can be quite testing, but in reality these parents will want well wishers as much as any new parent, maybe even more so. A quick text message to let them know you're thinking of them will go down well, and you get to find out information about the baby that is important for buying the right premature baby gift set.

What information about the baby do I need?

Buying the right premature baby gift set only requires answers to a few questions, most which are true of any newborn baby. The baby's weight, sex and whether it's in an incubator on the NICU. 

Most high street retailers have a 'premature baby' range that is only really suitable for babies born just a little early or small. They are not specifically designed for a premature baby connected to tubes or lines. NICU clothes will have special openings and fastenings to accommodate the NICU equipment, so it's important to know the baby's situation.

I can't find out if the baby is having special care 

If you're unsure what clothing to buy them because you can't find out the babies current situation, then go for something from our Tiny Baby range. It will be something for them to grow into, but won't be too big for too long. Or you could buy a soft toy or blanket, something that will last the test of time and isn't tied to the babies size.

What makes the perfect premature baby gift set?

The most important thing is that you do send a gift; it shows you're thinking of them and all parents want to be treated as 'normally' as possible.

Secondly if you can get the gift to them as soon as possible this could be really helpful. Most premature births are unexpected so parents aren't prepared with premature baby clothing. Having to dress their baby in clothing that is too big isn't what thy dreamed of and isn't best for baby. Ideally the clothing you buy will fit right away or be something they can grow into within a few weeks.

As for what products to buy, we've put together clothes and accessories that we think work really well as a gift set. This includes matching clothes, clothes with toys, blankets or comforters. We have a range of New Baby cards too which can be left blank inside or have a message added. Plus our signature packaging helps make the delivery feel that little bit special.

Should I buy a Premature Baby gift set or a Tiny Baby gift set?

This depends on the size and needs of the baby. If it is in an incubator or connected to tubes and lines then you will need to buy clothing that can be worn around these. And if the baby is 1.5-4lbs it will need products from our premature range. We have a wide range of tops, dresses, trousers, etc that are especially designed to cater for the needs of a baby on a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). See our Premature Baby Gift Sets

However for babies that are in a cot or just born a little early, we have another range of clothes, called our Tiny Baby range. This clothing is as lovely as clothing can be for a 'typical' newborn baby, it's just a bit smaller. But buying the right size is so important, as these babies need to be kept warm and clothing that is too big just won't be as effective. See our Tiny Baby Gift Sets

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