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Our tiny baby socks are proving to be a big hit!

The post above from a customer who bought our tiny baby socks is the sort of feedback we love! Of course we're in business to make a profit from doing something we enjoy, but we genuinely make such an effort to buy products we think people will really like and find useful. So when we get a message like this on Instagram it puts a big smile on our faces!

Initially we weren't going to stock premature baby socks, as we struggled to find socks that were the right size and would actually stay on a tiny baby's foot. But then we found these tiny baby socks, and within hours of them going up on the website we got an order! (And they actually ordered several more pairs of socks a few days later!).

But you only need to look on parenting forums to see that finding suitable premature baby socks is really hard (it's the same story for stay-on scratch mittens for premature babies too!). And we know how frustrating it can be when you seem to be forever hunting for missing socks and having to constantly put them back on. (It's obviously not the hardest part of being a parent to a premature baby, but it's still annoying!).

These premature baby socks are a very simple product, the soft little terry cuffed socks are perfect for tiny feet to keep them warm and the terry towelling lining makes them stay on better too.

We've had many repeat customers for this essential product; with comments from parents who probably would have paid a lot more to find tiny baby socks that don't need putting back on several times a day!

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