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Noodoll - Quirky Soft Toys

We fell in love with Noodoll's quirky soft toys straight away; just look at their faces! Noodoll is a cool quirky brand, based in London where the toys are hand finished. These are a great alternative to traditional soft toys and you won't regret it!

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More About Noodoll - Quirky Soft Toys

Noodoll Logo

Noodoll is a whimsical, playful, design brand. They create quirky plush toys for big and little ones. Their studio is based in London where each Noodoll toy is lovingly created. They always aim to make their quirky toy designs bring a smile to your face!

The imaginary story behind the creatures began like this. Noodoll, a famous celebrity and resident of Noodle Town where everything and everyone was made of noodles, had many monster pals living in nearby Rice Town. They were called Ricemonsters! The mischievous Ricemonsters jumped out from Yiying’s imagination and entered our world as a gang of endearing and quirky plush toys.

Noodoll's quirky plush baby toys can now be found in reputable stores such as the Conran Shop, Foyles, Centre Pombidou, Bonton, and Tate Modern, and online in the Little Mouse Quirky Toy Shop!