Albetta UK - High Quality Baby Clothes and Toys

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Albetta UK - High Quality Baby Clothes and Toys

Albetta Baby LogoAlbetta's baby clothes are such good quality and a unique take on classic themes. Who doesn't love a crochet lion, zebra or unicorn, and the angel wings babygrow - their most famous design - is hugely popular, and when you see it and feel it you know why. Albetta baby clothes are the type of quality you'd be proud to give as a gift to a loved one, and they are great value for money.

As for Albetta toys, well we first saw their adorable dog toy and his name is Dexter, as is our very own pooch, so that was fate! Then we saw princess Beatrice Bunny and the super-cute Keith koala and we were smitten.

Not only are their products absolutely lovely, Albetta is a very ethical business and this just goes to amplify the warm feeling we have about this business even further.