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A baby girl sleepsuit is a one-piece item of baby clothing with long sleeves and legs, and they can be footed or footless with cuffs. A sleepsuit for older girls and women would be called a onesie, and for babies is sometimes referred to as a onesie too. 

Our baby sleepsuits are typically made from 100% cotton, with plenty of organic cotton options available. Some may also be made from fleece (velour). They are normally closed/opened with poppers (otherwise known as snaps), but we have a few lovely brands with a zip which we really like.

Baby's little feet are often enclosed, but if they are footless little socks will be needed for the baby girl too. Some of our sleepsuits have integrated scratch mitts but it doesn't we suggest buying some little scratch mitts too.


Baby girl sleepsuit or babygro?

A sleepsuit is often called a babygrow. Babygro is actually a brand of sleepsuit. Babygro originated in the USA in the 1950's and became so popular that the term babygrow came from this. So if someone asks you to buy them a babygro for a girl as a gift they mean a sleepsuit.


What's the difference between a baby girl sleepsuit and a bodysuit?

Lots of first time mums ask this question in online forums. Sleepsuits for girls are distinguished from bodysuits by the fact that they have long sleeves and legs. Bodysuits are what are also known as baby vests, and unless the weather is hot, it's typical to dress baby with a bodysuit under other clothing such as a sleepsuit or cardigan.


Baby girl sleepsuit v romper?

Baby girl rompers are footless sleepsuits, it's the same thing, just other terminology. A romper will have cuffed ankles and baby’s little feet are exposed, so if buying a romper for a baby girl you'll want to buy little socks or booties too.


Why are infant sleepsuits for girls so popular?

Infant girl sleepsuits are typically designed to make it easy to change baby's nappy, hence the popularity with mums and dads!  With poppers on the legs or a zip for quick change without having to undress your little baby girl. Most baby girl sleepsuits have long sleeves as well as long legs so they can keep baby covered outdoors as well as being comfortable indoors.

And unsurprising - the name is a giveaway! -  a sleepsuit is perfect for sleeping too. Often made of soft breathable cotton, they help baby girls and boys to have a nice night's sleep.


What size baby sleepsuits do we have for girls?

Little Mouse specialises in premature baby and newborn baby clothing:

1.5lb-3lb baby girl sleepsuits

3lb-5lb baby girl sleepsuits

4lb-8lb baby girl sleepsuits

0-3 Months baby girl sleepsuits