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Baby Rattles

The soft baby rattles we’ve chosen for our range of soft baby rattle have been selected because they are high quality and quirky rattles; the sort you won’t typically find on the high street. We also wanted them to be soft rattles suitable for newborn babies, so they can be bought as a gift that complements our premature baby clothing and tiny baby clothing.

Soft rattles make a great baby gift because they are developmental as well as cute and fun. Soft rattles make sounds when they are shaken, they have interesting textures, and different colours. The sounds rattles make can also alert tiny babies to noise. Even without looking, if they hear the sound of a rattle, you will eventually find babies turning their head towards the sound.

Soft rattles can help to teach babies many new skills too. When parents hold a rattle up and moves the rattle from one side to the other, babies learn to visually track, or coordinate their eyes together to watch it. At first babies will hold their rattles tightly with a strong grasp reflex. As their fine motor skills develop, they will learn to hold and shake their soft rattle. They will play by bringing their rattle to their mouth and safely exploring these baby toys not only with their hands, but their tongue and mouth.

These soft baby rattles also have textured surfaces, that allow them to also double as great teethers, as babies chew and gnaw on toys to help soothe their gums when they cut new teeth. Babies also learn to hold the soft rattle in one hand then transfer the toy into another hand.