Early Baby Clothes (3lb-5lb)

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Early Baby Clothes (3lb-5lb)

Our Early Baby Clothes are suitable for babies weighing 3lb to 5lb. 'Early Baby' is a baby clothing size used by a number of clothing manufacturers and brands to describe a baby born early but not very prematurely, yet also too small for Tiny Baby sized clothing (4-7lb).

Our Early Baby clothes collection is designed to make dressing a little baby easy, so baby doesn't need to be disturbed too much. This is particularly important for babies on the NICU or SCBU where handling should be minimal and baby may be connected to wires and tubes. The seams are soft and in some cases on the outside along with the labels to stop them from irritating baby's sensitive skin.

Our Early Baby clothing comes from lots of baby clothing brands that specialise in clothes for babies born early or small. Loretta is a lovely baby brand that's popular in Eastern Europe and Itty Bitty Baby is a Canadian baby clothing brand that specialises in premature baby clothes starting from 1lb up to 7lb. Pippi and Fixoni offer more premium Early Baby Clothing and Noppies small baby clothes are a great blend of quality and price for little baby boys and girls.

Not just Early Baby Clothes

Our full range of clothing for early and small babies is divided into these collections. We hope it makes choosing baby clothing easier this way as Early Baby and Tiny Baby are often used interchangeably by brands and shops, so we specify the weight bracket to make it simpler.