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Itty bitty baby clothes

Itty Bitty Baby Clothing Company designs, manufactures, and markets a unique boutique collection of quality premature baby clothing and accessories.

We love their mix of contemporary and classic designs for tiny baby boys and girls. It’s so nice to find patterns for tiny baby clothes that are too often only reserved for larger baby clothes.

Itty Bitty Baby Clothing have over twenty years experience in the retail sector and all aspects of the design and manufacturing processes are still being made in Winnipeg, Canada which ensure top notch tiny baby clothing products that last.
The company began in 1995 when Carol Spain and Richard Little noticed a rarity in premature baby clothing after their close friends had triplets. Carol ended up sewing together dozens of little onesies for the baby triplets as a gift. They were such a hit with the patients at the hospital that Carol set out to discover how big the demand could be and learn all about the baby clothing sector. The rest is history!

The trademarked name “Itty Bitty Baby Clothing Company” was created to represent the boutique product line, which is one of the best selling Canadian brands in the tiny baby and infant clothing market to this day. Itty Bitty Baby Clothing products are made with 100% custom cotton with in-house embroidery, printing, sewing, and cutting by industry professionals.

Not only is this tiny baby clothing high quality and stylish, it is also very practical, with features that make it easier to dress a tiny baby.

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