Our Customer Promise

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Our Customer Promise

Our promise to our customers is a genuine list of things we are determined to commit to. It helps illustrate what we truly value as a company.

We are a small independent business, so we work extra-hard to give you the confidence to buy from us; and everyone in the business cares so much about providing an excellent service.

  • We offer products we'd proudly give to our family and friends.
  • We work - wherever possible - with boutique suppliers offering hard-to-find, original or quirky products.
  • We prioritise ethical, organic and Fairtrade products from British, European, and American brands. (And we are based in the UK and pay all UK taxes due).
  • Our website will provide an extremely secure and hassle free shopping experience. And we will offer polices you would expect of a much larger retailer; to give you confidence when shopping with us.
  • Our products will come in lovely packaging you'd be proud to give as a present.
  • We will deal with any queries in a professional, friendly and personable manner. Although our providers offer an excellent service, inevitably there are occasional delivery or packing issues, and if you contact us we will deal with it urgently.
  • We will always support baby charities.
  • We will strive to offer products for premature babies that are just as stylish as our Tiny Baby and Newborn Baby ranges; it's what they deserve.
  • Our Premature Baby Clothing Buyer's Guide will help you choose products that are perfect for the little-one you're buying for. (Too often we've seen other premature baby products advertised online that are not really suitable for premature babies!).

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