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Our NICU donations

This is just a sample of the donations we make. As our little business grows we will do even more. Our Founder is a NICU Nurse and is passionate about this.

NICU donations

We donate sleepsuits to Bereavement Midwives from Kettering General Hospital.

Little mouse was approached by the bereavement midwives from Kettering General Hospital to see if we could help them. They had been given our details from a bereaved family who bought some clothes from us for their baby.

The hospital struggle to find baby clothes to fit their early gestation babies who have died. They had lots of knitted donations recently but feedback from families is that they would like their babies to wear a sleepsuit, rather than a gown made from a wedding dress or a knitted sleepsuit.

Sadly they had no funds to purchase clothes for deceased babies, so wondered if we had a charitable side to our business.

We were pleased to be able to help, and donated organic cotton sleepsuits in pink and blue, suitably sized for babies weighing 1.5lb-3lb and 3lb-5lb.
NICU Donations

We donated premature baby clothes for goody bags put together by Mums of Mayfair and delivered to neonatal wards.

Mums of Mayfair (MoM) is a socially active club of mums who encourage, inspire and support other women to succeed in their personal and professional life. The club is a platform to meet new mums, share ideas and collaborate on many topics relating to lifestyle, fashion, food and technology etc, with a spotlight on charity. 

MoM is working with several charities in the UK and the USA to support programs in aid of women's rights, whether humanitarian, sociological, economical or political. 

Last year they worked on an initiative for Mother's Day, where the MoM's made small goody bags which they delivered to struggling mothers who have had to leave their newborns in neonatal wards. They focused on wellbeing products as well as the premature baby clothes that we donated, where the mothers who had just been pulled away from their children had something to boost their spirits and more importantly, not worry about the challenges of finding and funding clothes which are difficult to find. 

NICU donations

We donated gift vouchers for Pinderfields hospital raffle where proceeds were going towards the NICU.

We were contacted by a staff nurse on the neonatal unit at Pinderfields hospital  looking to hold a raffle and coffee morning for World Prematurity Day on the 17th November. They enquired if we could offer anything as a raffle prize - with any contribution big or small being greatly appreciated.

All proceeds were going towards the neonatal unit to help purchase things needed to make, what can be a very difficult experience, a little easier for vulnerable parents and their families.


Chelsea NICU donations

We donated gift vouchers to Chelsea and Westminster NICU.

Founder of Little Mouse, Gillian Parsons, worked at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as a surgical nurse specialist for several years, so when she was contacted to see if Little Mouse could help she was happy to.

We donated a voucher that could be included in a raffle, and the proceeds of the raffle went towards purchasing materials needed on the NICU.


Norwich NICU donations

We donated £250 worth of baby clothes and accessories to Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital NICU.

We ran a competition on Facebook and Instagram asking families of premature babies to nominate a NICU they would like to receive £250 of their premature baby clothes and accessories.

The response was overwhelming with hundreds of people nominating their local NICU, and dozens of NICUs were nominated from all across the country. Many parents of premature babies that had spent time on a NICU posted heartfelt messages of how deserving their NICU was and how amazing the staff were.

The winner was drawn at random, and it was Emily Bright from Norwich that won. Emily gave birth to her daughter 14 weeks early so baby needed life- support provided by Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Emily said “Going into labour so prematurely was scary; I had no idea what would happen to me or my baby. She was so fragile, but the care we received from the staff at Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital NICU was fantastic. So when I got an opportunity to show my appreciation I jumped at the chance to dominate them."

Keri Betts, NICU Ward Manager at Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital said “This wonderful selection of clothes for our tiny patients has gone down so well with parents and staff. We are really thankful to Emily and Little Mouse”.


Baby charity donations

£2 will be donated to Tommy's, the baby charity, for every purchase of our Milestone Cards.

Milestone cards are a lovely way of documenting a baby’s first important stages in life, and they are becoming increasingly popular; fuelled by our love of social media.

But when we looked for premature baby milestone cards to offer on our shop we drew a blank! Unfortunately it didn’t come as a big surprise, with our knowledge that premature babies are often overlooked. So in typical Little Mouse tradition, we took on the challenge, and created our own premature baby milestone cards!

We have premature baby milestone cards that celebrate milestones only premature babies and their parents will understand, such as: breathing on my own, kangaroo care, rooming in, and tube free…

We donate £2 to Tommy's, the baby charity for every purchase of our milestone cards and we are so pleased that Tommy's have supported us with this as you can see by their Facebook post below.


What did Tommy's say about our premature baby milestone cards?

Tommy's love our premature baby milestone cards, as you can see by their Facebook post below. 
Tommy's premature baby cards