Premature Baby Sleepsuits

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Premature Baby Sleepsuits

A premature baby sleepsuit is a one-piece item of baby clothing with long sleeves and legs, and they can be footed or footless. A sleepsuit for older children and adults is typically called a onesie. 

A premature baby sleepsuit is typically made from cotton and closed with snaps although they may also be made from fleece/velour or closed with zips (like our Little Lumps range). The feet are often enclosed, but they may be footless. Sometimes built in scratch mitts are also part of the sleepsuit design. 


What's the difference between a premature baby sleepsuit and a babygrow?

A baby sleepsuit is often called a babygrow. However Babygro is actually a brand of sleepsuit (sleepsuit being the generic name). Babygro originated in America in the 1950's and became so popular that the term babygrow stemmed from this.


What's the difference between a premature baby sleepsuit and a bodysuit?

Sleepsuits are sometimes confused with bodysuits. Sleepsuits are distinguished from bodysuits by the fact that they have legs and long sleeves. Bodysuits are what are also known as vests, in non-hot weather, it's common to have a body suit under a premature baby sleepsuit or under any outfits you may dress your little one in.