Taggie Blankets

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Taggie Blankets

What is a taggie blanket?

A taggie blanket is a simple bit of baby gear, but one that has become really popular in recent years as newborn babies love it. It’s a clever idea, basically a blanket with little tags attached to it.

Why buy a taggie blanket?

It’s a clever idea, basically a blanket with short tags of ribbons sewn all the way around in lots of different colours. Babies who are just starting to develop motor skills love to fiddle with and touch the different textures on the blanket and ribbons. The blankets are often patterned and brightly coloured for visual stimulation as well as tactile appeal, and babies can become quite attached to them as a comforter, too.

What to spend on a taggie blanket?

You’ll not need to spend more than £10-20 on a taggie blanket, as they are constructed from simple materials and are never very large. You might have to pay a little extra if you chose to have it personalised however, which is an option from some manufacturers.

What to look for in a taggie blanket?

Make sure you buy a blanket from a well-known company or one where there are good reviews for their craftsmanship, as you’ll want to be certain that the ribbon tags are securely sewn in. A blanket with lots of colour, patterns and different textures will appeal to babies exploring their new senses of touch and sight. You can also buy toys with ribbon tags as an alternative