Tiny Baby Clothes For Boys | 1.5lb-7.5lb | Classic & Modern Styles

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Tiny baby clothes for boys

Our tiny baby clothing for boys is suitable for little gents weighing between 4lb and 7.5lb. We provide a wide range of styles and types of tiny baby clothing for boys, but you'll see that our favoured look is soft colurs and trendy scandinavian style prints. 

A 'Tiny Baby' boy that has moved on from wearing NICU clothing, now has a wider choice of what to wear, but we still offer a lot of clothes that are very practical too. Take a look at our tiny baby vests, cardigans, trousers, tops, hats, leggings, romper suits, socks, mittens, jackets, dungarees and snowsuits!

We have lots of popular blue tiny baby clothing for little baby boys, but lots of other colours too. You can play it fairly safe with blue, white, grey, and black or why not go bold and choose mustard or mint. It's not only baby girls that can rock these contemporary colours!

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