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Brand Review – Huggee’s Portuguese baby clothes

To be honest Portugal wasn’t the obvious location for us when we were looking for trendy baby clothing manufacturers. Portugal isn’t necessarily well known for its contemporary designs; you’ve only got to Google ‘Portuguese baby clothes’ and you’ll find a lot of traditional Mediterranean styles. Think pinks and blues and bold dark colours, and plenty of old fashioned knitted styles. There’s quite a lot of frilly baby clothes too and Portuguese baby dresses that look like they’re from a bygone era.

This style of Portuguese baby clothing is obviously still popular with lots of people, and if that’s the style you like then you’re in luck; it’s just not to our taste. So why are we blogging about Portuguese baby clothing then!?

Well to our pleasant surprise we met a lovely Portuguese company at a trade show in London where they were showcasing their new designs, most of which came in Tiny Baby size too. They only had a small number of products but we liked what we saw and arranged to meet them a few weeks later to see the rest of their baby clothing and accessories.

Huggee’s Portuguese baby clothes are not your average baby clothes, Huggee’s call their clothing ‘purewear’. It’s made with GOTS certified organic cotton in a factory that works to very high ethical standards. Huggee want their baby clothing to be as pure as it can be; pure in its materials and pure in its production process.

This ethical passion adds cost to the process, so this is premium priced Portuguese baby clothing, but for shoppers who are passionate about being ethical, and love high quality and stylish products they are ideal.

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